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There are seven drivers at the top of the list, and we carry them all, and here they are in alphabetical order.
1. COBRA AMP CELL, has what Cobra is calling “MyFly Technology” which is one driver with 6 different loft settings 8.5, 9.5, 9.5 draw, 10.5, 10.5 draw, and 11.5 degrees of loft. there is also a AMP CELL PRO with lofts of 7.5-10.5, also available is a men’s offset version at 11.5 degrees of loft. With their SmartPad Technology the drivers have a face that is square at impact no matter what loft you are using. They have four colors to choose from, blue, orange, red and silver. Cobra offers the AMP CELL for ladies in offset and standard face designs with three additional colors. Prices run from $299 – $399.
2. NIKE VR_S COVERT, also has multiple lofts available from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees with independently adjustable face angles. Nike removed weight from the head and created a large cavity (high speed cavity back) on the sole which makes the driver more stable on off center hits. Nike to has added a new color (RED) to their driver this year as well. Nike has a VR_S COVERT TOUR version with a black face at 430cc for the more advanced player. Prices run from $299 – $399
3.PING Anser, unlike the first two manufacturers, Ping’s concept is to have four different heads (8.5,9.5,10.5 and 12) each with plus a 1/2 of a degree of loft to minus a 1/2 of a degree of loft. meaning the 9.5 degree head can be adjusted to 9 degrees and to 10 degrees.The company offers four different shaft options. Prices is $399
4. PING G25, like the Anser, has four different heads with lofts 8.5 through 12, it to has plus or minus 1/2 of a degree adjustment to loft. This driver has a larger face and thinner crown that the G20 from last year. It has the highest moment of inertia,and the lowest CG of any Ping driver. With these features this new driver is the longest most forgiving driver to date. Price $349
5. TAYLORMADE R1, has one adjustable head with lofts from 8-12 degrees, it can be tuned for amateurs to pros. It has twelve settings for adjusting the loft, and the soleplate has seven face angle adjustments. Plus you can adjust ball flight 20 yards from right to left. The new graphics are for alignment. Price $399
6. TAYLORMADE Rocketballs stage 2, offered with lofts of 9.5,10.5 and HL, which are all adjustable. With a very thin crown that pushes the CG down and forward the Staged 2 helps increase ball speed over the original RBZ. Like the RBZ it has 12 adjustable lofts moving 1.5 degrees up and down in loft. Price $299
7. TITLEIST 913 D2/D3, last but definitely not least, this driver in the D2 model has different heads with five lofts 7.5, 8.5,9.5,10.5, and 12. The D3 model has four individual heads and lofts ranging from 7.5-10.5. With the surefit tour hosel technology the loft and lie can be adjusted independantly to fit your swing. It has a thinner and lighter face than the 910 from last year that promotes increased ball speed. The D2 is larger than the D3 but both reduce spin. Price $399

The new season is starting, and if you need some improvement in the driver department, with the use of our new FlightScope launch monitor, now is the time to call or email me for a Driver fitting.

Hit’em good! Take Care,

Stan Roach
Club Fitting Specialist
Dana Rader Golf School
Tel: (704) 542-7635

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