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I am constantly getting the question “should I wait until my game gets better before I am fit for clubs?” My answer is a resounding “absolutely not”. Years ago that is what everyone did, they purchased a set of clubs and just started playing with them, and over time they adjusted their swing to the clubs. Depending on how well those clubs were matched they may have two different swings  for their five iron and seven iron. I feel like beginners do the same thing , they wait way too long before they have clubs fit to them. Meanwhile due to the ill fit clubs they are making compensating adjustments that lead to bad habits. Don’t delay, have your clubs fit to you as soon as possible. This does not mean you have to buy new clubs, (although that is definitely an option) your present clubs can be adjusted to you. With your clubs adjusted to you and a lesson or two your scores will go down and your enjoyment will go up. Give me a call at Dana Rader Golf School for a fitting appointment. Have a great day! (704) 542-7635

Stan Roach

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